Value of the Shared Branching

Imagine your members having access to their account whenever they are away from home. With nearly 70 percent of all credit unions only have one branch location and approximately 97 percent having less than 10 branches, becoming a part of the Shared Branching Network gives members the opportunity to conduct their financial business almost anywhere. The network gives members easy access to more than 5,600 locations and three easy ways to find the closest shared branching location: call 1.800.919.CUSC (2872), search the web at to, or download the iPhone app.

Credit unions that participate give their members the ultimate form of convenience. By sharing branches among participating credit unions, they are functioning under the founding philosophy of credit unions – “not for profit, not for charity, but for service.”

The CUSC network is a strong resource during the unexpected. During the aftermath of the 2011 tornadoes in Alabama, the CUSC of Alabama network assisted credit unions without power, server capabilities, flooding, and more. By being able to direct their members to nearby service center locations, members were able to conduct financial transactions at locations that were not impacted by the storm. “Shared branching really saved our hospital employees following the tornado in Tuscaloosa. With our credit union being without power and our server offline, two shared branching locations serviced our members. They had no other banking options.” DCH Credit Union, Tuscaloosa, AL.

To join the network and begin providing your members with an expanded service opportunity, contact us.

“One of the most advantageous parts of shared branching, has been the retention of our direct relationship with our members. Living in our fast-paced era where our members are traveling constantly, we can easily retain our members locally, even when they are working or visiting other cities. We are always with them. When the April 2011 devastation hit Alabama, we had the total loss of one of our branches. Combined with shared branching, we were able to redirect our members to other branches, and their services were never interrupted. With a click of the “shared branching” app on smart phones, our members were, in moments, directed to the hundreds of branches that were accessible to them. Also, being a part of this network makes us privy to more information that keeps our members safe. Information concerning fraud, scams, and things of the like, help us stay on top of the safety and security of our members and their investments. Shared Branching has given us and our members better coverage, better options, and better peace of mind.”
David Eubanks, President & CEO
WinSouth Credit Union